Funeral Service Draft Liturgy Wizard

Putting together a funeral service is a difficult thing to do at the best of times, and even harder at a time of grief. This web page will help you quickly arrive at a draft, which you may use unchanged or treat as a starting point. It will result in a Microsoft Word file, designed to be printed as a 'booklet' (so that with A4 printing, it folds down to 'A5'). If you find that the options you want are not available, the best solution is to choose another option and then edit the final file to get what you want.

Details of Funeral Service
Please use a capital letter at the beginning of the name, this is the format in which the service will refer to the deceased.
Used on the front cover
Used on the front cover
Used on the front cover
For the front cover
For the front cover

The first hymn tends to set the tone

This hymn is right after the homily, so something clear and confident about the cross and eternal life usually works well

Think about a clear and comforting final hymn that points to Jesus

From the Old Testament

From the New Testament

Optional: From the New Testament

If you want multiple Psalms, add them manually.

Eulogies are not a required part of the service and often work best at a wake or dinner later, however if you wish to have one during the service itself please specify the speaker here

Note that you must follow the requirements of 'A Brief Guide to Liturgical Copyright' which includes specific front cover and acknowledgement material.