About Daily Prayer from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer

This is a simple site designed only to help people pray the Morning and Evening (Matins/Evensong) prayer services each day, according to the BCP of 1662.

Some of the canticles are drawn from public domain sources (beyond copyright period), and some are recorded especially for this site. And yes, I know some of them are pretty bad (volunteers always welcome)

The collects are being recorded - most of them are now done, either by Josiah Christensen or Vincent Murphy.

The Psalms are mostly the Prayer Book Coverdale Psalms, read responsively by half verses. The readers are Andy Woodliffe and Vincent Murphy.

If you'd like to contact me (Vincent), you can do so via email to vincent@ (this website domain.org).

Who's behind the site?
The site is made and maintained by Vincent Murphy, a minister at St Mary's Cathedral, Kuala Lumpur